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The 3 Systems of a Profitable Dairy Farm

I love simplicity. And I will try to keep this simple. Dairy farming business can be divided into three main systems. Each system will have its very own set of processes, milestones and benchmarks. Dividing a project into smaller projects (or systems) helps you focus on each, without feeling overwhelmed. In dairy farming especially, it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Hopefully, not here. These three systems are: The Environment This is the environment of the animals and how you, as a dairy farm owner, plan to manage it. Cooling of the shed etc. Click Here to read more...

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Hello world!

This is the first post on Dairy Farming Pakistan. Dairy Farming Pakistan (DFP) is run by Aamir Raja, a dairy farmer and an entrepreneur from Lahore. And I may throw in a bouncer or a no ball here and there, once in a while. I am Mohammad Khan, an ex-dairy farmer, also from Lahore. We do hope that you the reader find the content of this website useful for your dairy farming ventures, inshAllah. We really want to talk to you if: you are serious about starting a dairy farm, or you already have a dairy farm and are...

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What is this place?

This site is dedicated to providing useful and latest information for dairy farmers by dairy farmers!

Although we are located in Pakistan, and our content on this site is with respect to dairy farming in Pakistan, the lessons and business systems are based on principles and best practices.

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