This is the first post on Dairy Farming Pakistan.

Dairy Farming Pakistan (DFP) is run by Aamir Raja, a dairy farmer and an entrepreneur from Lahore. And I may throw in a bouncer or a no ball here and there, once in a while. I am Mohammad Khan, an ex-dairy farmer, also from Lahore.

We do hope that you the reader find the content of this website useful for your dairy farming ventures, inshAllah.

We really want to talk to you if:

  1. you are serious about starting a dairy farm, or
  2. you already have a dairy farm and are serious about improving it…

Improvement comes from knowledge which comes from openly sharing what one already knows. So we share our experiences in hopes that you can learn and apply and improve your dairy farm. And we hope to learn from your experiences as well. Email newsletter is the best form of that kind of long-term two-way communication. Check out our Newsletter page.