Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Momekh’s Dairy Farming Guide

Is this Dairy Farming Guide any good for me?

Do not buy this guide if you are just casually observing or studying this field. This book was specifically written for entrepreneurs who want to start a dairy farm. The content of this book is full of actionable advice and won’t be much help for the casual student of the field.

I am being honest here; buy this Guide if and only if you are serious about starting or improving your own dairy farm. You are willing to spend significant amount of money on starting a dairy farm, and this Guide will – God willing –  tell you what to do and what not to do.

There are no technical details (on Livestock breeds, diseases etc) in this Guide, why?

This is for a very clear reason; this Guide deals with the ‘business side’ of owning a dairy farm. A lot of technically skilled individuals start a dairy farm, and fail. So imagine the failure rate of people who have no information about the dairy side!? This eBook aims to solve that problem. When I started research on dairy farming, I had no technical knowledge of cows, their biology, their optimum feeding, silage preparation, shed construction etc. I learned that and started a dairy farming, that by the Grace of God is performing successfully!

Information that is necessary for an entrepreneur can be found in this Guide, and technical details such as Breed Catalog of Livestock or Diseases in Livestock etc are left out.

And besides, much more qualified individuals have written such material. Doctors and people with decades of experience in the technical side of dairy farming are readily available. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for actually making your dairy farm a profitable business. I hope, that by God’s Will, this Guide will fill that gap to some extent. I wish you all the best.


If you have any more questions, please use the contact form to contact me directly. Thank you for your support and trust.



  1. Liaquat Ali

    AOA – I’m trying to get hold of your ebook (Dairy Framing Guide) but I can’t find a link anywhere or any instructions on how to get hold of it or make the payment. I would very much like to purchase it and can make the payment via UK credit/debit card. Thanks.

  2. shoaib

    assalam o alaikum.bhai mai dairy farm bnana chahta hon or yeh book lena chahta hon.kahan say mily ge.or urdu mai mil skti hai kya.kyn k english reading mai thori mushkal hoti.take care.thanks

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