Free Resources

I love free. So much so, that I have based my online business model around “Free” stuff. You will find a lot of high-value, free content here. I only hope that you find it useful.

  • First, the post that started it all, titled simple, “Dairy Farming in Pakistan”. It is a long post, and presents some of the lessons I learned while setting up my own dairy farm. Click here to read.
  • Silage and its importance for your dairy farm (I have a simple advice for many would-be entrepreneurs: if you don’t have silage ready, do not buy your first animal. If you already own a dairy farm, stop all expenses, sell an animal or two if you have to, and get that silage ready. Yes, it is that important!)

For more free resources on Dairy Farming and other creative self-employment methods, subscribe to my blog at Thank you and JazaakAllah.

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